Three Reasons on Why You Should Laser Your Chest, Neck and Hands

by Shopify API on September 28, 2020

Why neglect the décolleté? Your face isn’t the only area that needs protection. The skin on the neck, hands and chest get almost as much exposure to the elements as your face, and yet the skin in these areas is often thinner leading to early aging and other issues as we get older. Aging and sun exposure can result in chest and neck lines and wrinkles, redness or blotchiness, brown spots and more so learning to look after these areas as much as your face is crucial.


Often the skin of our neck, hands and chest is also the most telling of our age. Skin Laundry's laser deeply cleans, targets pigment to reduce sunspots and stimulates collagen for gradual tightening – here are our three reasons why you should add this treatment to your monthly beauty regime.


Lack of treatment might result in your face skin not matching your chest, neck and hands

Some of you might have been adding products like sun cream to your face for years but missed your neck, hands and chest leading to a mismatch between your skin. The problem may be your skin is brown and blotchy, red and blotchy or both. Creams will only go so far in the neck and chest if the sun damage to skin is bad. If creams cannot help, laser treatments certainly will!


You can develop brown spots and red, blotchy skin on these sensitive areas

Brown spots are essentially sun damage and as you get older, these areas can get larger and often darker. Laser can definitely help reduce these brown spots but be sure to have a dermatologist examine your skin before any treatments. Additionally, some people get neck lines that run horizontally across their necks – starting quite early in life (most people see them in their 30s), it is definitely worth nipping these little lines in the bud with laser treatments to prevent them getting deeper and more stubborn in the future.


Laser treatments simulates collagen

When collagen levels are high, the skin is soft, smooth, and firm. Collagen helps the skin cells renew and repair themselves and also helps keep the skin moist. A lack of collagen results in the common signs of aging and can be especially apparent in your hands, chest and neck. Wrinkles, sagging skin that has lost its elasticity, and stiff joints are all signs that the body is producing less collagen so ensuring you target these areas during a laser facial can keep these issues at arm’s length.




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