Name: cindy g.
Client since: 2016 fun fact: I’m 4’10! But don’t let that fool you!

"After my first treatment, I saw a visible difference...

and my face glowed more and more after one week. My skin was radiant...

and I got to sport my dewy-healthy-skin-look like i did in my 20’s."

Name: Sarah T.
Client Since 2016 Least Favorite food: CAke

"Since adding Skin Laundry to my routine my skin is bright and clear and my pores are tighter."

"The appointments are quick and easy to schedule, there is no downtime following the treatment...

and your skin is glowing every time you walk out."

Name: Charles S.
Client Since: 2018 Celeb Crush: Zoey Kravits

"I love Skin Laundry because its fast, and easy, the people who work there are always nice!"

"I can always tell my skin is clean when I'm done."

"The doctors always ask me questions to make sure that I'm safe!"

Name: Adriana H.
Client since:2016

"I loved my results which helped decrease the pigmentation, scarring...

& making me feel more comfortable wearing a bare face."

"I also appreciate how quick and painless the facials are!"

Name: Chad P.
Client since 2012

"My skin is brighter and tighter because of Skin Laundry."

"People think I'm in my 30's, and I'm actually 47!"

"Therefore, I love Skin Laundry!"

Name: aaliyah n.
Client since: 2018 FAvorite food: Shrimp Gyros

"I feel like skin laundry has helped me with creating a more even skin tone."

"I believe this has helped to keep my skin glowing!"

"I recommend everyone to you guys."

Name: Lara N.
client since: 2019 FUN FACT: I have doubled several actresses in many films.

"Although I’ve only had three treatments, I have seen changes in my skin tone...

and my overall appearance of my skin. I feel like my skin has more of a glow."

"I also love that immediately following the treatment I am able to go about my business with a beautiful glow and no redness."

Name: Crystal c.
Client Since: 2018 Fun Fact: I'm a figure skater! (Adult onset)

"When I say my skin has improved, it HAS improved."

"I love the flexibility of scheduling."

"If i ask have a specific spot area to focus on i just tell them and they do it."

Name: Brandon W.
Client Since: 2019 favorite food:Fried Cheese lobster

"I am less acne prone, even tone, and overall glow and rejuvenation."

"The Skin Laundry Team genuinely gets to know you and your skin."

"It makes all the difference for my self confidence knowing I have to be in front of a camera."

Name: Nina S.
Client since: 2017

"After i got my first free facial i was completely hooked."

"I used to have really bad hormonal acne."

"I couldn't keep it under control. nothing worked for me until i found skin laundry."

Name: maytal p.
Client since: 2017

"The texture of my skin and pores have changed dramatically."

"I love Skin Laundry because it's fast, easy AND...

you really see results- especially when you go consistently."

Name: Mila s.
Client Since: 2019

"My skin is still in process but BIG changes I have noticed already with 6 sessions of laser facials."

"Black heads are out, my skin is smoother and cleaner."

"I love Skin Laundry because it is fast and I see difference right away."

Name: Carly p.
client since: 2018

"The nurses truly know my skin because they know which spots to focus on, or give extra attention."

"It is so evident that each employee there wants your skin to look amazing, and for you to feel amazing."

"I have always been happy by the way my skin looks/feels after a treatment."

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